1x Scan, selection of recommended 5 infoceuticals ( the acquisition of 5 infoceuticals is not included), 1x 30+ page scan report, 1x consultation with certified BioEnergetiX System Health practitioner for 45 minutes via zoom.

The Voice Scan is an innovative technology that uses voice sample via proprietary software intelligence to detect deformations in the body-field that are caused by environmental factors. The Voice Scan can also detect various imbalances in the body-field. By looking at the body's energy field, the technology is able to identify areas of imbalance and suggest restoring it. This includes recommending Infoceuticals, a unique form of remedies that helps to restore balance and harmony of the body. 

Use our VOICE SCAN and you don´t need to go anywhere to any bioenergetics or bioresonance practitioner! You personally will make a scan of your energetic field regulating your health in the comfort of your home on your laptop/PC that we connect with our intelligent digital portal. With a single click, and in seconds, it returns a richly detailed overview including multiple screens and accurate graphics. It contains information of 11 principle sections, under each of them you can find various detailed bioenergetic: environmental, emotional, nutritional, spiritual etc. parameters - scan results are marked with the priority color and with described commentary to understand the underlying causes of issues.

320.00 €