Voice Scan Report: A Highly Detailed Overview with Multiple Screens and Precise Graphics


With a single click, you can quickly and easily gain a comprehensive overview, featuring multiple screens and accurate graphics, of 11 key sections and their various detailed bioenergetic parameters, such as environmental, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual. Scan results are color-coded to prioritize issues and include detailed commentary to help you understand the underlying causes.

The Source Screen

For good health and optimum performance, your body needs an abundance of free-flowing energy. Energy sources from the environment can power up your body like a battery for a supercharged state of health that can transform your life. With these tools, you can double or even triple your energy. With enough energy, the possibilities become limitless.

The Strength Screen

Here we are looking at how well energy is being driven through the major organ and system networks in your body. One important concept to understand is how structure influences energy. In nature we know that cavities (empty spaces surrounded by a solid structure) collect, store, amplify and tune energy. Think of how the shape of a musical instrument influences the sound it makes. The human body is full of cavities, from the major cavities of the head, chest and abdomen, to the lungs and the chambers of the heart, to the tubules in organs like the kidneys, down to the cells themselves and down further still into the microtubule structures within the cells. It is important to consider structure, therefore, when we are thinking about energy. All the activity in the body, such as all its chemical reactions, nerve impulses, the generation of heat, or of sound, and the physical movement and flow in the tissues, also generates energy. So we are considering too how well organs and systems are functioning in relation to energy.

The Environment Screen

This screen reports on the body's ability to deal with the impact of environmental factors. The NES screening process detects functional damage to the body field related to specific and general groups of environmental toxins. It does not indicate that the physical toxins are present but that the energetic damage associated with toxins are present. Indicated readings against environmental issues on this screen can mean 1 of 4 things:

  • The body's ability to deal with the indicated toxin is compromised.
  • The physical toxin may be present.
  • The physical toxin may have left the body but the energetic damage remains.
  • The toxin may never have been present but in some way the associated damage to the body field has resulted.

The Nutrition Screen

This screen reports on the functional integrity of the Body-Field in relation to the absorption, regulation and metabolism of nutrients. This report does not directly indicate nutritional level issues; it more indicates the body's functional ability to assimilate, manage and use nutrients effectively.

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are fundamental requirements for the body to function. Optimum health requires that nutrients are managed correctly. Through the use of the NES Infoceuticals and correction of the Body-Field the body can begin to utilise the nutrients it gains from food in the proper way, correcting nutritional issues.

The Mind Body Screen

The mind is the part of us that represents awareness and has two fundamental aspects:

The part we rely on in our day to day activities and associated with thoughts, intellect, reasoning, beliefs, values, memories, conditional emotions. This is the dominant part in most people and conditions how we act and behave.

The second aspect only reveals itself when the conditional mind is quiet. This part is associated with intuition, will, creativity, collective consciousness, being in the 'now', unconditional emotions, inner guidance, spiritual connection. This is the unconditional, trusting part of the mind that accepts us for who we are and provides the inner nourishment of love. According to NES theory the mind resides in the fluid matrix aspect of the Human Body-Field. The fluid matrix is a superconductive, interconnecting matrix that is formed from connective tissues of the body.

Plus there are the six important creens..... which we will not list here. The report contains 30+ interactive pages. The report is available also in pdf.

What are the strongest points of Voice Scan and its report?

1. Accurate Voice Scan Results providing detailed information about the body's health.

2. Voice Scan is designed to analyze a person's voice using natural language processing, which allows the system to understand a person's speech patterns and detect imbalances.

3. The Voice Scan report provides comprehensive information of the body's energy field, identifying any areas of imbalance and providing further insight into the body's state of health.

4. Easy to Use: The Voice Scan is simple to use and requires minimal setup. It provides clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure users are able to accurately analyze their voice and receive their results in a timely manner.

5. Affordable Price: The Voice Scan is reasonably priced and provides users with the information they need to take control of their health at an affordable cost.

There is the answer to your problems.