Tasha Danvers


Tasha Danvers is a British athlete who finished third in the 400 meters hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her success was even sweeter because after several years of battling fatigue and injuries, she finally returned to action. As Danvers prepared for the Olympics, she sought help from NES Health. This company specializes in bioenergetic therapies that help the body and mind achieve optimal performance.

Using NES Health Bioenergetix Wellness System ( BWS) device, Tasha Danvers performed a variety of tests that allowed her to better understand her body and how it is developing. Danvers also used NES Health BWS to adjust her diet and maintain a strict workout routine.

Using NES Health BWS, she determined what foods are best for her and at what time and quantity she can consume them. This helped her improve her performance and prepare for the Olympics.

Now what Tasha Danvers says in the video: "As an elite athlete, once you get to s certain level, everyone's talented so it is not like an issue of like who is the most talented. Everyone's got major talent. No one is going to get to the Olympic final unless they are majorly talented. So the things that are going to make the difference are the little details: the nutrition, how well you are sleeping, what is your energy like, what is your emotional state like, and that is where NES Health and NESmihealth come into play. As an athlete, when you go into work, you use yourself to get the job done, so if your body and your mind is out of line and not in alignment and not working properly you can't do your job. So it is important that everything is in alignment and the whole system the mind health and getting regular scans and things are definitely an advantage over regular therapy. The main benefits of using the NES miHealth is the ease of use and the ability to take it anywhere..."

NES Health BWS also helped Danvers address some of her pain issues. Using BWS device, Tasha Danvers learned what adjustments she could make to her training routine to minimize injury. This allowed her to train more intensively and thus achieve higher performance.

With NES Health BWS, Tasha Danvers placed second in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and third in the 400m hurdles at the Beijing Olympics. Her story is a great example of how NES Health Bioenergetix System can help athletes achieve higher performance and victory.