A role of Certified Practitioner of BioEnergetiX WellNes System


BioEnergetiX WellNes System is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way health is approached and maintained. It is a holistic health system that combines the latest technologies in bioenergetics, biophysics, and quantum physics to provide a full-body-field scan, identifies imbalances, and recommend personalized action plans to restore balance and health.

BioenergetiX WellNes System stands out from other health systems due to its unique approach to health, which is based on the concept of Quantum Bio-Energetics. This system of energy approach is based on the reasearch that the body is made up of energy fields, and that these energy fields can become disrupted, deformed and out of balance. Through the use of Voice Scanner, practitioners are able to read the condition of body's energy fields and identify areas of imbalance.

The use of a Voice Scanner is essential for an accurate and comprehensive assessment of an individual's bioenergetic health. The certified NES Health Practitioners are trained to interpret the scan results and recommend the appropriate Infoceutical, for the individual's health needs. These Infoceuticals are designed to restore the body's energy fields to balance, allowing the body to heal itself.

The Practitioner's role does not end with the recommendation of Infoceuticals. The practitioner must also provide ongoing leading, support and guidance to ensure that the client is using the Infoceuticals properly and is seeing the desired results. The practitioner must also monitor the patient's progress and provide additional support and guidance as needed via consultations.